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We are an organization managed by a group of like-minded people who believe in giving back to the society. All of us involved in this project have taken a pledge that we will create a difference and start by leading by ourselves.

We will be contributing our time, money and efforts to build

So what's the plan? Whatever we earn from this project will all be donated to the needy, people who require medication, people who cannot afford good medical treatment or can say urgent medical treatment. We would be diverting all the profits and when we say ALL we mean all. 100% profits will go towards helping the needy. The people we choose to help will be randomly picked and we assure that they will not be chosen from a picklist or people any of us or our team members know.

To be clear and transparent we will share our P&L to whoever wants to contribute towards this mission.

We believe in honesty and promise to maintain that.

Our mission is to help people and pay back to the society and we request you to support this humble cause.

There are many of us who are so busy and caught up in their daily activities so badly that they have forgotten, that they are people around who need help, people who pray and wait for a miracle to happen and unfortunately many of them keep waiting till they lose someone very dear and close or lose the battle of life themselves.

So come on be the one who can make a difference and bring back a smile to a person or family who would never have been able to get there, where we can support them to be.

Believe me, we will be number one soon, so it's your choice to either be a part of us and help humanity or stay away and watch.

Here is a golden opportunity for you to do your bit and give back to the society.

Love all, love humanity and love to create a difference.